Topic outline

  • Learn about Soils and Composting

    About: This course introduces the concepts around soil management. You will learn about the function of soil, differences between farming methods, nutrient cycles, food webs, composition, creating your own compost, and how to investigate your own soil.

    Season: spring, summer,autumn, winter

    Climate: temperate, tropical

    Competencies and Skills: Building a compost frame, Making compost, Adding to compost, Making a soil stack, Making, sieving wood compost, Spreading compost, Recognising compost organisms, Recognising health, Sterilising soil, Making seed and potting compost, Using mulches – wood chips, straw, Making compost additives, Composting manure, Testing soil structure, fertility, Liming soil

    How to Start: Just click on the Soils and Composting Study Materials link below.

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