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Title: Examples of good practice in social farming - Methodology IV.

This publication was developed within the framework of the project Development of Social Farming in the Czech Republic, in order to create basic guidelines and support for social service providers, who want to enrich their organization with the agricultural component. This means using agricultural activities as a tool for alternative or new social services, education and activities, or using agriculture as another source of funding for its public benefit activities and orienting itself on social stakeholding. The project was financially supported by the European Social Fund Operational Programme Employment, registration number CZ.03.2.63/0.0/0.0/15_023/0001117.
The methodology was developed in co-operation with the expert platform of the project consisting of: Petra Francová (P3 – People, Planet, Profit, o.p.s.), Michaela Nosková (Kokoza, o.p.s.), Lenka Janková (Apolenka, z.s.) and Jaroslav Lenhart (Svobodný statek na soutoku, o.p.s.). This publication was regularly consulted with the expert platform, constructively criticised, edited and revised.
Four methodologies arose from this project, which mutually follow each other and form a comprehensive view on the concept of social farming especially for the social service providers. Methodology IV includes selected examples of good practice of social farming in social service providers, which should serve mainly as inspiration. We hope that the presented methodologies will be helpful, practical and beneficial for readers and project leaders.

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